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King Kind Hair Wax Extra Strong Hold

King Kind Hair Wax Extra Strong Hold

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King Kind Aqua Wax
creates easily any desired styles for your hair with a long-lasting shine. Wet hair gives less hold with more shine and dry hair gives more hold with less shine. King Kind Aqua wax formula is alcohol-free with no harsh ingredients, perfect for all hair types, including those with naturally dry hair.
• Easy to apply and distribute, manage flyways, braids or create professional look
• Long lasting hold and shine
• Dries light, clean and flake-free
• Water-based wax, therefore not greasy to your hands and hair, easily rinses off with water
• Alcohol-free, no harsh ingredients formula, perfect for any hair type.
• Available in 3 colours, strengths and scents
➢ Yellow: Medium hold, amazing sweet tropical scent
➢ Blue: Strong hold, fresh, bubble gum scent.
➢ Red: Fresh and cool, watermelon scent

Product Short Description:
Brand: King Kind Aqua Wax (Medium, Strong, Extra Strong Hold)
Category: Hair Styling products
Type: Aqua Hair wax
Scent: Sweet tropical, fresh bubble-gum, fresh watermelon
Size:160 ml 
Made in EU 

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